Frequently Asked Questions about events at Bedell Cellars and Corey Creek Vineyards


Do you host weddings and events?
Yes, we host weddings, private events, corporate events, lunches, bridal showers and birthday parties.

How many people can you accommodate?
We can accommodate up to 200 guests max at Bedell and 125 guests tented at Corey Creek.


Do you offer wedding ceremonies as well as receptions?
We do offer wedding ceremony options at both locations.  Ceremonies are included in the site rental fee.  We do not offer the option to only host a ceremony at our sites as the venues are rented for a six hour window of time.


Do you have a minimum number of guests?
We welcome functions of all sizes at both locations and there is no minimum on the number of guests that attend.  However, we do have a maximum of 200 guests at Bedell and 125 at Corey Creek. 


Are there time and noise restrictions?
Weddings are hosted from 5 – 11p on Friday/Saturdays and from 2 – 8p on Sundays at both locations.  Per the local noise ordinance, all music must be off by 11pm.


When do you hold events?
Weddings at Bedell are held from May – early October on our pavilion.  Private events are offered year round in our inside tasting room and on our pavilion until end of October.  At Corey Creek, smaller functions of 75 or less are available year round.  Tented function for up to 125 are available from May-October.


Do you allow hard alcohol to be served during functions?
Yes, alcohol is permitted at private events held at either of our locations.  All alcohol is supplied and served by one of our approved caterers.  At both locations we offer a beverage option of beers, soft drinks, mixers, ice and water at $15 per person. 


Do you allow non-Bedell wines to be served at events?
No, Bedell wines are poured exclusively at all events on our properties.  We do not require a minimum case purchase at events.  All wines are charged on consumption and a 15% event discount is extended.


Do you offer private wine labels for events?
We take a lot of pride in our wines and labels and therefore do not offer customized private labels.  We also do not offer smaller sized bottles of our wines for favors.  However, we do have a variety of personalized gifts and favors available. 


Do you have in-house catering and do you offer “catering packages”?
We do not prepare or provide food for events on our properties.  We are strictly a winery and cannot be compared with a catering hall.  We do have a fantastic list of approved caterers to work with that will assist in making your event much more manageable, not to mention provide great food and professional service.  We are happy to provide that list at any time. Clients are required to work with one of our approved caterers.