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Cheese Pairing Seminar with Village Cheese Shop

February 11

$50 pp

Join us for a whirlwind tour of wine and cheese pairing possibilities with local expert Michael Affatato of the Village Cheese Shop on Sunday, February 11 in our Tasting Room. Taste through four cheeses with four wines. Tickets are $50 per person.


Viognier 2016

Raw goats milk Gouda from northern Holland, aged 12 months. Salty, tangy, yet balanced.

First Crush White 2016

Swiss Raclette
Often served molten over potatoes and charcuterie, this Swiss packs a punch at room temperature with its gamey, grassy flavors. Raw cows milk

Taste Nouveau 2017

Raw cows milk from the Jura area of eastern France. High elevation, rich grass, giving nutty flavors to the cheese marked by richness, ample salt, with a long finish.

Cabernet Franc 2015

Montgomery's Cheddar
Raw cows milk clothbound Cheddar from Somerset, UK. Waxy, moist, crumbly, delicately salted, this cheese was aged for 12 months and has earthy, meaty flavors. Classic English cheddar.

Limited seating!
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