North Fork

A New Year Begins...

Let me just start off by saying that I hate the term “blog.” It’s a word that sounds like a description of something plodding or clumsy. Like someone stuck in a muddy field. I’ve been stuck in muddy fields so I know. I’d like to believe this little area of commentary is going to be something a little more – shall we say – elegant? Perhaps that is too much of a wine descriptor. Creative and thought-provoking but in particular – fun.

Where the Wild Things Are

With the 2010 vintage – the 30th anniversary of Bedell Cellars – we have begun a brand a new tradition, one which brings us together in ways that only the North Fork can. Last Friday, as the remnants of Hurricane Earl swirled out to sea, our Bedell family gathered together for a small ceremony to begin the starter fermentation yeast culture for the 2010 vintage. Everyone at Bedell brought a natural object from the North Fork that was near and dear to them.