An Evening with Merlot

February 1, 2017
Patrick Maietta, Marketing Assistant

I have always loved the idea of pairing wine with life. We know wine pairs wells with food, but our memories of that wine often have as much to do with the event or occasion.  Wine is experienced with all of your senses.  It’s the color in the glass, the taste on your tongue, the candle flickering on the table across from someone you love, the cozy atmosphere and the quiet chatter of voices with your favorite band in the background.  Or, how about the big game on TV.  Its football playoff season and although most people think of Football and Beer.  Why not Football and Merlot!

Last weekend, I invited friends over for the NFL playoffs; I knew Bedell’s 2014 Merlot would be the perfect pick. The thing about Merlot is, while the name inspires some pretty divisive opinions, its actual flavor profile is quite welcoming. Medium bodied with lush jam like fruits, Merlot can easily compliment a meal sturdy enough for a sporting event.

So here we were watching football, a sport steeped in drama, of last second victories and defeats. It is also an inherently social experience. Its unpredictable theater with laughs, shouts and sometimes tears. In other words, the perfect environment for a dinner party.   And what a dinner party it was. Red Wine traditionally goes exceptionally well with saucy, hearty dishes, especially one as juicy as Merlot.  So while a bit unconventional for game-day food, we served vegetarian meatball sliders.

Meaty enough to satisfy your carnivorous friends, yet full of wholesome veggie ingredients, this mix of lentils, walnuts, parmigiana, herbs and spices, wrapped up into little balls and served on a crusty garlic roll, is sure to be a major hit. Serve with a healthy helping of spicy tomato sauce for maximum enjoyment.  Just don’t forget that perfect bottle of Bedell Merlot!
So while the ref made a bad offensive pass interference call, and I’m pretty sure that should have never been called a touchdown,  I may have been a little too preoccupied with food, friends and Merlot!  

Why don’t you give it a try, click here to purchase our Wine of the Month – Merlot 2014, and pair it with some game time accoutrements of your own! Or if you’re short on time, take out works just as well.  Enjoy and let us know what you think. Until next month.