A Very Sustainable New Year

Sustainability Meeting on Long Island

It's that time of year again, people are visiting family and friends, giving and recieving thoughtful gifts, and looking forward to what awaits them in the coming year. How appropriate then, that our family of wine growers on the North Fork of Long Island gathered together last week to welcome the director of Oregon's own certified sustainability program, Chris Serra. Afterall, what better way to explain sustainability than in the context of giving back when we recieve. Our priority is to produce the best fruit with the harvest we are given, year after year, but we must not forget that we are also stewards of the land, and we must not take for granted the bounty of nature, the North Fork terrior, the unspoiled acres of vineyards that the long island wine industry has been able to preserve in the face of modern acceleration. That is what sustainability is all about, and why it is so important to us as winemakers, research scientists and vineyard managers, indeed, as human beings wishing to preserve our land and our way of life for future generations. Our goal is to create a third party certification for growers on Long Island, many of whom already adhere to sustainable practices, as a way to bring more transparency to the consumer, and as a model for other wineries all throughout the state. Long Island is leading the charge where premium winegrowers across the east coast are bound to follow, ensuring many happy holidays for years to come. http://youtu.be/gmJ8g2FqagA